Agency History

SAMTS over the years

Inspection for rationalization and standardization

The history of present SAMTS as a state authority begins in 1948 when the Inspection authority for rationalization and standardization is established. This authority functions only one year and it is transformed into Supreme Council for Standardization.

Committee for quality, standardisation and metrology (CQSM)

In 1970 the authority is restructured in Committee for quality, standardisation and metrology (CQSM). Over the years the responsibilities of this state authority increase, its scope of activities expands and includes the fields – standardisation, quality control, metrology, certification and technical inspection.
Each of these fields of activity has passed through its own development depending on the economical processes in the country. The beginning of metrology dates from 1888 when the Law on weights and measures is adopted. The beginning of the technical inspection dates from 1911 when the Service for control of steam boilers and tanks is established within the Ministry of trade and agriculture and later in 1917 a Decree of the tsar Ferdinand I for adoption of the Law on control of steam boilers and tanks is issued. The first Law on standardization is adopted in 1964.

State agency for standardisation and metrology (SASM)

In 1998 CQSM is transformed in State agency for standardisation and metrology (SASM). In the following years due to the legislative changes and the preparation of Bulgaria for accession to the EU the responsibilities of SASM increase and it implements policies and performs tasks also in the field of market surveillance and conformity assessment.

Process on harmonization

Within the period 1999 – 2005 as a part of the process on harmonization of Bulgarian legislation to the European Union one and the establishment of economical infrastructure adequate to the needs of Bulgarian market, the SASM is restructured and different legal entities are segregated from it (EA “Bulgarian Accreditation Service”, Bulgarian Institute for Standardisation, EA “Certification and Testing” and Bulgarian Institute of Metrology).

State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS)

After the legislative and normative changes in 2005 the restructuring process is finalized and the agency is transformed in State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS).

Surveillance activities under 10 laws

Nowadays the SAMTS responsibilities, its objectives and tasks are entirely aimed at the  surveillance activities under 10 laws in the following fields:

    • Market surveillance of products;
    • Technical inspection of high-risk equipment;
    • Quality control of liquid fuels;
    • Metrological supervision;
    • Designation and supervision of conformity assessment bodies for products under the scope of the New Approach Directives;
    • Supervision of dam walls and related facilities;
    • Quality control of solid fuels for domestic heating.