Signals for corruption and law violations of SAMTS employees

According to the definition contained in the Civil Law Convention on Corruption, the corruption means requesting, offering, giving or accepting, directly or indirectly, a bribe or any other undue advantage or prospect thereof, which distorts the proper performance of any duty or behavior required of the recipient of the bribe, undue advantage or prospect thereof.
If you have any information for concrete signals for corruption and/or violations made by SAMTS employee/employees, you could submit a signal in any of the following ways:

Please be advised that in accordance with article 111, paragraph 4 of the Administrative Procedure Code: “Proceedings shall not be instituted on anonymous proposals or signals as well as on signals concerning violations committed more than two years back.”
For more effective actions from our side in checking the signals, it is desirable to provide evidence of violations found out.
The Commission on Prevention and Counteraction to Corruption (CPCC) at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria is established by Decision No. 61/2.2. 2006 of the Council of Ministers.
The signals for corruption of SAMTS employee/employees shall be submitted by means of an electronic form filled in of the Commission on Prevention and Counteraction to Corruption.

Submission of signal to CPCC.