Directorate „Financial and economic activities and project managment“

Directorate "Financial and economic activities and project management"

Contact person:
Dimitar Petkov, Director
52А, “G.M. Dimitrov” blvd., floor 4, 1797 Sofia
Tel.: +359 2 892 97 43
Fax: + 359 2 986 17 07

The directorate is responsible for the following tasks: the field of financial-accounting activities:
a) supports the President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary General in the proper and lawful spending of financial resources and prevents waste and misuse of funds by exercising proper control of costs according to the approved budget; ensures effective and lawful spending of budget funds in compliance with the financial and budgetary discipline;
b) organizes and carries out the SAMTS accounting at cash and accrued basis in accordance with the requirements of the Public Finance Act, Accounting Act, Chart of budgetary organizations, Unified budget classification and the applicable budgetary accounting standards and guidelines for organizations;
c) prepares periodical and annual reports on the cash budget execution and on the accounts of EU funds and of foreign funds as well as the SAMTS’s quarterly and annual payrolls;
d) participates in the SAMTS’s financial management process and prepares in due time the requests for monthly limits of the SAMTS financial resources;
e) develops the SAMTS draft budget and the three-year budget forecast in accordance with the Law on public finances, the decision of the Council of Ministers on the annual budgetary procedure, the instructions of the Minister of Finance, the instructions of the Minister of Economy and the Unified budgetary classification;
f) carries out current and subsequent control on the timely recording of the economic operations and the budget spending;
g) supports the President in organizing and building of a system of financial management and control;
h) organizes and carries out inventory of the SAMTS’s assets and liabilities in the order applicable to the state budget organizations;
i) prepares and stores payrolls as well as all necessary payment documents for the employees’ salaries, prepares the required financial documents for employees’ retirement and the professional experience templates of the SAMTS employees;
k) assures timely recovery of SAMTS’s claims;
l) provides and organizes the proper storage of accounting information and documents and their use according to the requirements of the Accounting Act;

2. in the field of property management:
a) provides maintenance and repair of the SAMTS’s real estates and movable possessions provided for use and/or its property;
b) provides the maintenance, exploitation and technical control of the machines, equipment, installations and systems providing the SAMTS’s activities;
c) carries out the supply, preservation, management and use of commodity-material values in compliance with the legislation in force;
d) organizes and provides the transport services, exploitation and maintenance of the SAMTS car fleet; the directorate is responsible for the sanitation in the SAMTS buildings and adjacent areas;
e) the directorate is responsible for the proper management and lawful use of the SAMTS property; it maintains a register of the property and prevents waste and misuse of commodity-material values;
f) the directorate is responsible for the timely and lawful updating and deactivation of the SAMTS property provided for use and/or its property;
g) prepares, summarizes and make proposals for approval of the name lists for acquisition of tangible fixed assets (major renovation, furniture and equipment) and reports the capital expenditure utilized to the SAMTS financial ystem; organizes and it is responsible for the activities connected with the investor control;
h) provides SAMTS with the supplies and materials needed for its activity; organizes the filing and distribution of SAMTS material assets and participates in the process of carrying out inventories;

3. in the field of technical harmonization, international cooperation, project preparation, planning and reporting:
a) Organises and coordinates organization of international official trips of SAMTS employees and the related documents;
b) Organises and coordinates SAMTS cooperation with international, regional and national organisations within the scope of SAMTS activities;
c) Organises the international activities of the SAMTS President, SAMTS Vice-presidents, SAMTS Secretary General as well as of other SAMTS employees;
d) Assists the SAMTS directorates and generalizes the information when SAMTS elaborates the Program budget and report, the periodical and annual reports on SAMTS activities, the state administration report and the annual reports on the status of the risk management system, the quality system and financial management and control system;
e) Coordinates the activities of other administrative units in relation to their participation in the planning and reporting of SAMTS activities;
f) Organises and coordinates the preparation of inter-institutional agreements for cooperation under the scope of SAMTS competences as well as coordinates of their execution;
g) Organises the development of projects financed under EU programs and funds or bilateral cooperation programs;
h) Organises the execution of SAMTS responsibilities related to our membership in European Union;
i) Coordinates and participates in the preparation of information, positions and opinions related to the Bulgarian participation in the activities of the EU institutions according to the scope of SAMTS competences;
j) Coordinates SAMTS representatives’ participation in the working groups, committees and other working forums of the European Union;
k) Acts as the SAMTS’ contact point on the mechanism for organization and coordination of the information exchange related to the implementation of the Regulation (EC) No 764/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 July 2008 laying down procedures relating to the application of certain national technical rules to products lawfully marketed in another Member State and repealing Decision No 3052/95/EC (ОВ, L 218/21 of 13.08.2008).