Directorate „Administrative, legal and information services“

Directorate "Administrative, legal and information services"

Contact person:

Petya Marinova, Director
52А, “G.M. Dimitrov” blvd., floor 4, 1797 Sofia
Tel.: + 359 2 892 97 62
Fax: + 359 2 986 17 07

The directorate is responsible for the following tasks:

1. in the field of administrative and secretarial services:
a) organizes the overall activities for administrative services to individuals and legal persons of the “one stop shop”, including electronically; arranges provisions for the Complex administrative services (CAS);
b) organizes and carries out the entire process of handling the documents, in accordance with the Unified system for document processing, by means of automated information system, including a system for keeping and archiving of correspondence and documentation SAMTS;
c) organizes the acceptance of applications for administrative services, delivers them for execution to the administrative units, assures the compliance with the standards of the outgoing correspondence;
d) processes incoming and outgoing correspondence and presents it for resolution by the President, the vice-Presidents and the Secretary General and is responsible for the delivery of the correspondence to the addressees;
e) monitors the meeting of deadlines for completion of the cases as regularly reports to the General Secretary;
f) systemizes and stores the documents in the archive according to the nomenclature of the cases, prepares reports for SAMTS activities in connection with the administrative services;
g) organizes expert opinions on the value of the documents, their processing and submission in the Central State Archive;
h) provides information to the administrative units in relation to the acts of Council of Ministers, Parliament and Ministry of Economy, connected to the SAMTS activities;
i) provides information for SAMTS administrative services, delivers to the physical and legal entities documents, on their request, gives progress report on the case;

2. in the field of legal service:
a) provides legal assistance to the President, vice-Presidents, Secretary General and SAMTS administrative units, in view of lawful exercise of their obligations , by means of motivated legal opinions, prepares and/or coordinates orders, contracts, documents, related to SAMTS competencies;
b) analyses the case law related to the implementation of legal acts in the field of metrological supervision and technical inspection and makes proposals for their improvement or for taking measures for their proper implementation;
c) participates with representatives in working groups for preparation of draft legal acts related to the SAMTS’s activities, prepares positions in this relation and participates in their harmonization;
d) participates in preparation, modification and termination of contracts, coordinates and gives opinions on the legality of draft contracts prepared by other directorates or proposed by other organizations;
e) provides legal assistance during the process of personal selection and recruitment as well as of the initiation, modification and termination of labor relations with the SAMTS employees;
f) provides legal representation of SAMTS and its president;
g) performs correspondence on the court cases, analyzes and summarizes the results from the judicial and other cases and periodically informs the SAMTS President;
h) organizes and controls the process of granting access to public information and prepares draft decisions fot granting access to public information or refusals to provide access to public information, makes inquiries and prepares reports according to the Access to Public Information Act;
i) participates with representatives in the procedures of public procurements and call for tenders initiated by SAMTS;
j) prepares drafts, agrees on legality or gives opinions on the legality of administrative acts issued by the SAMTS president of by an official authorized by him;
k) undertakes the necessary legal measures and provides legal assistance to the recovery of SAMTS claims;
l) provides the public procurement process with legal assistance;

3. in the field of public procurement:
a) organizes and carries out activities related to the planning, preparation and carrying out of public procurement procedures, conclusion of contracts for their execution at SAMTS and prepares annual plan and schedule of their execution which are approved by the SAMTS president;
b) organizes the preparation of draft contracts, document templates as well as guidelines for their preparation as a part of the public procurement documentation;
c) provides information to the Public Procurement Register (PPR) and to the Official Journal of the European Union;
d) interacts with the Public Procurement Agency in connection with the public procurement procedures;
e) keeps a register of the public procurement procedures carried out;
f) the directorate is responsible for the preparation, amendment and updates of internal rules regulating the public procurement procedures;
g) prepares annually summarized information for the completed public procurement procedures.

4. in the field of human resources management:
a) prepares and updates the SAMTS job schedule and list of the employees’ positions;
b) organizes the activities for recruitment and selection of personal, draws-up acts and documents, related with the start, modification and termination of labor relations;
c) plans and organizes the staff training, improves and sustains the professional qualification and re-training, creates conditions for increased motivation and labor efficiency;
d) coordinates and assists the development, updating and approval of the job descriptions of employees;
e) provides assistance to the assessed employees, evaluation leaders and controlling executives during the assessment process of the SAMTS employees’ execution of their job positions;
f) organizes the activities for preparation of the documents for leave or retirement of the employees; the directorate is responsible for the access to and protection of the personal data of SAMTS employees;
g) keeps and maintains the employment and work records and leave documents, verifies the employees applications, receives hospital papers and transmits them to the accountancy;
h) organizes the staff trainings and conducts the staff initial and periodic briefings on health and safety at work;
i) keeps statistical reports for the number of the employees, the payment and career advancement of SAMTS employees; issues documents and certificates related to them;

5. in the field of information technologies:
a) organizes and assures the technical maintains of the automated communication infrastructure of SAMTS – local networks and communication equipment;
b) organizes and provides the hardware maintenance and software support of SAMTS’s computer equipment and provides methodological assistance of the employees in using the integrated software;
c) examines the necessity of specialized consumer software for the needs of the agency and their availability on the market of information technologies; organizes the provision of Internet services for SAMTS;
d) provides synchronization, compatibility and security of SAMTS information system with the information system of the government administration, as well as the exchange of information by electronic means;
e) the directorate is responsible for the implementation and integration of systems connected with the E-government, and implementation of rules for information security and operational compatibility of the data, exchanged between the administrations;
f) organizes and controls the efficient use of the available equipment, local area network and Internet;
g) monitors the developments in security threats associated with existing administration software and hardware and organizes the timely installation of a corrective software; monitors unauthorized access to the network;
h) makes a daily electronic archive of the data;
i) organizes the issuing, utilization, renewal and termination of the electronic signature certificates in the administration;
j) administrates, maintains and develops SAMTS information system and web site;
k) organizes and ensures the maintenance of the telephone station and inner telephone posts;
l) provides contacts with the companies and agencies, providers of the software used at SAMTS and provides methodological assistance to the specialists in its application;
m) supports and updates SAMTS web site by publishing current information therein;
n) performs functions regarding the internal security and current information security;
o) organizes the assess control and security of the SAMTS buildings.