Quality policy


The State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS) plans, executes, coordinates and controls the quality of its supervisory, control and administrative activities within the scope of: Market surveillance of products placed on the market and/or put into service under the scope of the New Approach directives; Market surveillance of construction products; Products related to the energy consumption as regards the eco design requirements; Electrical and electronic equipment in relation to the restrictions of the use of certain dangerous substances and its waste; Market surveillance of non-automated weighing instruments and measuring instruments; Technical inspection of high-risk equipment; Issuing licenses and entering into a register the persons carrying out activities related to maintenance, repair and modification of high-risk equipment and carrying out checks of these persons; Licensing and inspection of persons and structurally distinct parts of enterprises and organisations performing technical inspection of high-risk equipment; Inspection of persons maintaining swimming pools based on a written contract for correct and safe technical operation and maintenance of built-in elements, filtration and pumps to swimming pools – separate or adjacent to accommodation facilities;  Quality control of liquid fuels and mixtures of biofuels with liquid fuels of oil origin; Registration and control of persons carrying out installation, inspection and/or repair of tachographs; Authorization of persons for verification of measuring instruments; Approval of identification marks of bottle’s producers and importers; Metrological supervision; Designation and supervision of conformity assessment bodies for products for which essential requirements are stated in directives and regulations within the EU harmonization legislation; Supervision of dams and related facilities; Quality control of solid fuels used for domestic heating when made available or placed on the market as well as during their distribution.

The implementation of SAMTS strategy follows its:

MISSION: To contribute with its activities for achieving the national strategic goal: Bulgaria to be a country with sustainable economic development, competitive economy and favorable business environment while preserving the public interest.


  • To protect society and environment against dangerous and non-complying with the essential requirements industrial products, false measuring results, dangerous for use high risk equipment and liquid fuels of poor quality;
  • To ensure equal conditions for marketing of products, falling within the surveillance competencies of SAMTS, on the Bulgarian market as part of the single European market;
  • To ensure safe operation of dams by performing a reliable and effective control of the technical condition and safe exploitation of dam walls and related facilities;
  • To control the quality of solid fuels used for domestic heating when placed or made available on the market as well as during their distribution;
  • To support the functioning of the national conformity assessment system.

SAMTS applies a quality management system oriented towards organizational excellence. To achieve a high operational level of the workflows and the organization of control, supervisory and administrative activities the SAMTS management adopts a policy for maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system compliant to the standard БДС EN ISO 9001:2015 by complying with the normative requirements applicable to the performed activities.

Our efforts are directed to performing effective and efficient management of all identified processes that influence in the quality of the activities performed and administrative services offered. The QMS of SAMTS is described in SAMTS’s Quality Manual (QM) and its procedures, and it is in complete conformity with the requirements of standard БДС EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality policy, Quality manual and all documented procedures, internal rules and operational instructions are mandatory for implementation by all SAMTS’s employees.

In my capacity of SAMTS President, I undertake the commitment and personal responsibility to ensure the necessary resources and administrative capacity in order to execute the objectives set and policies outlined.

Sofia, 14.10.2020                PETAR GORNOVSKI, SAMTS PRESIDENT