SAMTS mission

The mission of State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS) is to contribute, by means of its activities, for implementation of the national strategic goal: Bulgaria to be a country with sustainable growth, competitive economy and favorable business environment, while keeping the public interest.

Strategic objectives:

  • Competitive national economy;
  • Increasing the security and safety of the transport sector;
  • Improving the ambient air quality in the cities and villages, expanding the measures for protection of ambient air purity;
  • Decreasing of the adverse effects of floods and increasing the level of security and safety of the society, economic activity and cultural heritage of the country;
  • Effective management of the EU funds in order to ensure maximal positive effect.

Operational objectives:

  • Carrying out effective market surveillance, consumer interests protection, protection of society and environment from dangerous and non-compliant products to the essential requirements;
  • Carrying out reliable and effective control, prevention of the unfair competition, protection of the society from incorrect measurements, prevention from exploitation of dangerous high risk equipment;
  • Development and improvement of the national quality infrastructure;
  • Providing safe exploitation of the dams by carrying out reliable and effective control of the technical condition and the safe exploitation of dam walls and related facilities;
  • Carrying out reliable and effective control and environment protection from the use of liquid and solid fuels with poor quality;
  • Reaching a control level meeting the country needs and providing confidence and effective protection of the public interests related to the measurements in the field of healthcare, public security, environmental protection, state and municipal receivables and trade payments as well as the tax policy and gambling control;
  • Participation in the process of development and adoption of EC acts and decisions for development of EU policy and principles set out in the harmonized technical legislation.