About the agency

STATE AGENCY FOR METROLOGICAL AND TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE (SAMTS) is the state surveillance authority performing the national policy in the field of:

  • Market surveillance of products placed on the market and/or put into service under the scope of the New Approach Directives;
  • Market surveillance of construction products; products related to the energy consumption as regards the eco design requirements; electrical and electronic equipment in relation to the restrictions of the use of certain dangerous substances and its waste;
  • Technical inspection of high-risk equipment;
  • Quality control of liquid fuels;
  • Metrological supervision;
  • Designation and supervision of conformity assessment bodies for products under the scope of the New Approach Directives;
  • Supervision of dam walls and related facilities.

The SAMTS activities are regulated by the following 10 laws:

  • Law on technical requirements for products (LTRP);
  • Law on consumer protection (LCP);
  • Law on ambient clean air (LACA);
  • Law on measurements (LM) ;
  • Law on automobile transport (LAT);
  • Waste management act (WMA);
  • Renewable energy sources law (RESL);
  • Law on protection against harmful influence of chemical substances and  mixtures (LPHICSM);
  • Law on tourism (LT);
  • Water Act.

Main objectives in carrying out SAMTS activities are:

  • Protection of society and environment against dangerous and non-complying with the essential requirements industrial products, dangerous for use high risk equipment, false measuring results and liquid fuels of poor quality;
  • Ensuring equal conditions for marketing of products, which fall within the competencies of SAMTS, on the Bulgarian market as part of the single European market;
  • To support the functioning of the national conformity assessment system;
  • Ensuring safe operation of dams by performing a reliable and effective control of the technical condition and safe operation of dams and related facilities.

At present SAMTS has 468 employees and the follow structure:

  • Management (President, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary General) directly subordinated to the President;
  • Two financial controllers, directly subordinated to the SAMTS president
  • General Administration:
    • Directorate “Financial and economic activities and project management” – D FEAPM
    • Directorate Administrative, legal and information services” – D ALIS;
  • Specialized Administration:
  • Market surveillance;
  • Technical inspection;
  • Quality control of liquid fuels;
  • Directorate General “Quality control of fuels for domestic heating” – GD QCFDH;
  • Metrological supervision;
  • Designation of conformity assessment bodies;
  • Supervision of dam walls and related facilities.

The specific results of SAMTS activities in the period 2016 – 2019 as well as the target values of performance indicators for 2020 can be seen in the table below:

Program „Quality infrastructure in support of Bulgarian economy development”
Indicators for realization Measuring unit Reported value Target value
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Information transfers regarding the notification of  conformity assessment bodies to the EC Number 249 139 140 140 140
Checks of conformity assessment bodies Number 431 243 282 356 155
Checks of measuring instruments, planned and upon signals Number 17950 17512 17198 16492 15500
Checks of prepackages

batches with same quantity

individual packages with different quantity
















Checks pursuant to received/sent notifications under the Rapid Alert System for Dangerous Consumer Goods (RAPEX) Number 913 797 745 904 *
Tested types of products for market surveillance purposes Number 233 62 76 80 60
Checks for observation of technical legislation under LTRP Number 24786 20311 12207 13718 10300
Technical inspections of high-risk equipment Number 21264 21061 20458 22276 12000
Inspections of licensed and registered companies Number 1291 985 1035 1201 900
Control on workshops for installation and repairing of tachographs Number 160 160 157 151 100 %
Inspections of fuel supply stations Number 844 1047 1120 1277 900
Tested liquid fuel samples Number 1457 1716 1746 1903 1400
Inspections of  the technical condition of dam walls and related facilities Number 5813 2614 3808 3022 2000
Inspections of stores supplying solid fuels for residential heating** Number 400
Tested solid fuel samples** Number 216
Inspection of persons responsible for pools exploitation and maintenance by virtue of a contract –  separate or part of an accommodation facility ** Number 535 100
Issued acts against administrative violations of laws Number 2923 3422 2508 2433 *
Issued penal acts Number 2359 3192 2689 2165 *

* impossible to plan
** New activity since 2019/2020