Project EEPLIANT 3

Start of the EEPLIANT 3

EC Project “Joint Actions on Market Surveillance in EU for product compliance to the energy efficiency requirements”EEPLIANT3 (no. 832558)

The EEPLIANT3 Action officially started on 01.06.2019 and it runs for 48 months. The project is coordinated by PROSAFE, VB and AEA and it is financed by Horizon 2020 Programme. 28 institutions of 20 EU member states are involved in this Action. The project includes several horizontal activities on Market Surveillance (MS) – training and exchange of experience, development of IT tools, cooperation with customs, etc. as well as MS product oriented activities.

The key objective of the Action is to help deliver the intended economic and environment benefits from the implementation of the EU Energy Labelling and Eco design legislation by increasing the rates of compliance with their energy efficiency requirements. This objective will be achieved through the joint MS activities of the 28 Market Surveillance Authorities of EU.

The State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance – SAMTS (a Bulgarian MS body) participates in the Action by its work on 4 horizontal activities and 4 product oriented activities: tumble dryers, ventilation units, lighting and local space heaters.

During the project execution numerous checks and tests for energy performance of dozens products will be carries out. Different types of products will be sampled from the market (storehouses, shops, distribution chains, including online sales) and their compliance to the energy efficiency requirements will be checked and assessed in testing laboratories chosen by tenders conducted under the project. In case of any noncompliance found, the market surveillance authorities will take appropriate enforcement actions to these noncompliant products and to the corresponding economic operators.

EEPLIANT3 project is designed not only to assist authorities in conducting MS checks of the EU market but also to facilitate the cooperation with other stakeholders, such as industry associations, etc. in achieving higher level of awareness and higher rates of overall product compliance with the EU Energy Labelling and Eco design legislative requirements.