Directorate General QCFDH

Directorate General “Quality control of fuels for domestic heating” DG QCFDH

Contact person:
Ivaylo Yordanov, Director General
1797 Sofia, 13 Lachezar Stanchev St.,
Tel.: +359 878 749 929
Fax: +359 2 986 17 07

 Scope of activity:

The Directorate General “Quality control of fuels for domestic heating” is responsible for:

  • carrying out surveillance and control of solid fuels for which quality requirements are established;
  • undertaking actions for ascertaining the compliance of solid fuels with the quality requirements by means of:
    • checking the documents accompanying the solid fuels;
    • sampling solid fuels;
    • testing samples at the accredited laboratory and if necessary assigning the tests to external accredited laboratories;
    • carrying out expertise of test results and preparing expert conclusions and ascertainment protocols for compliance of solid fuels with the quality requirements;
    • organizing the tests of solid fuels’ arbitration samples in a third party accredited laboratory and preparing expertise for the compliance of fuels with the quality requirements;
  • carrying out control of the quality requirements, packaging and labelling of solid fuels for their placing and/or making available on the market and/or their distribution;
  • issuing mandatory prescriptions for imposition of compulsory administrative measures according to the order provide for in the Law on ambient clean air;
  • issuing revocation acts of solid fuels in favour of the state;
  • preparing and providing information for the solid fuels’ quality to the Ministry of Environment and Water for the purposes of preparing annual reports;
  • keeping a register of persons distributing solid fuels as well as of the commercial places where the solid fuels are distributed;
  • ascertaining law violations and issuing penal provisions in the order of a specialized law and the Administrative Offenses and Sanctions Act in cases when officials are authorized by the SAMTS president;
  • contributing for timely collection of SAMTS fees and fines;
  • executing other activities assigned by the SAMTS president in connection with the quality control of solid fuels.


DG QCFDH is organized administratively in a central department and 4 regional departments:

Address, e-mail Contact person Phone   Fax
Directorate General “Quality control of fuels for domestic heating”
Sofia, 1797, 13 Lachezar Stanchev St., floor 7
Ivaylo Yordanov
Director General
0878 749 929 +359 2 986 17 07
Department ”Control and Methodology”
Sofia, 1797, 13 Lachezar Stanchev St., floor 7
Vasil Nenchev
Head of department
0887 215 095
Regional Department QCFDH Western Bulgaria
Sofia, 1797, 13 Lachezar Stanchev St., floor 7
Nikolay Palov
Head of department
0877 064 661
Regional Department QCFDH Southern Central Bulgaria
Plovdiv 4000, 67 Saint Petersburg Blvd.
Nedyalko Rashkov
Head of department
0877 065 251
Regional Department QCFDH Northern Central  Bulgaria
Veliko Tarnovo 5000, 2 Hristo Botev St., floor 3
Krasimir Panteleev
Head of department
0885 398 571
Regional Department QCFDH Eastern Bulgaria
Bourgas 8000, r.a. Slaveykov, 25 Prof. Yakomov St.
Todor Todorov
Head of department
0882 698 594


  • Law on ambient clean air.